Aurora Sightings


Sighting location: latitude: 42.4628 longitude: -89.0502

Submitted by: sjohn


Very awsome bands of thin dark green looking clouds slightly moving in the sky

Northern Lights in Colfax wa

Sighting location: latitude: 46.8912 longitude: -117.3607

Submitted by: Francisco Aguilar


Norhern Lights in colfax a

Aurora Sighting

Sighting location: latitude: 47.3859 longitude: -103.0817

Submitted by: Jerry Jensen


Saw them flashing low in the horizon

Light Green

Sighting location: latitude: 48.1581 longitude: -91.0156

Submitted by: Dwight D.


Light green dancing aurora seen for over two hours in near Lake Superior in upper MN two hours north of Duluth. Absolutely brilliant!

Brief but intense

Sighting location: latitude: 44.9571 longitude: -93.087

Submitted by: Mary


A very quick aurora visible in downtown St. Paul around 3:20 in the morning

A nice green one [First timer]

Sighting location: latitude: 46.4711 longitude: -80.9699

Submitted by: Abdulkareem Althwaini


I was driving and noticed some moves on the sky, stop and yea.. it is Aurora!

Livingston, MT

Sighting location: latitude: 45.6596 longitude: -110.5613

Submitted by: Jess


Very bright, pillar type lights.


Sighting location: latitude: 44.0196 longitude: -107.9421

Submitted by: Ryan


saw faint lights around 1:20 am mst

Sighting in Rathdrum ID

Sighting location: latitude: 47.8089 longitude: -116.8439

Submitted by: Krys George


Starting around 11:40 pm 9/8/15 to 12:05 am 9/9/15. Long pale blue green band divided into sections visible directly overhead from east to west, it was moving slowly like a conveyor belt then became a solid band then disappeared. At same time there were pale blue green spikes visible about 20 degrees above N horizon.

Sighted from 3:30-5:00am CDT

Sighting location: latitude: 44.9688 longitude: -93.0486

Submitted by: Mary


Visible from the City!