Aurora Sightings

Stable glow

Sighting location: latitude: 45.4623 longitude: -93.7422

Submitted by: Jennifer


Wide swath of glowing greenish aurora along the horizon . Very little movement. Faded into a just a haze driving back into the city (light pollution)

Alexandria bay NY

Sighting location: latitude: 44.6387 longitude: -75.5767

Submitted by: Mairead Tauro


bright green aurora seen between the hours of midnight on the 6th and 2am on the 7th.


Sighting location: latitude: 44.3738 longitude: -89.786

Submitted by: Jennifer


Very faint on the horizon

Tahoe Emerald bay

Sighting location: latitude: 38.6075 longitude: -119.4922

Submitted by: Scott


From my boat in wintertime 9pm? At the head of Emerald Bay . Looked like a wagon wheel spokes(4-5) radiating out from a point about 40 high in the East. Just a glow , not much color, covering about 30 degrees of sky! They were slowly changing shape. People in Stockton could also see it for I was talking to them on Ham radio at the time reporting it on N6ICW repeater. W6MLY It lasted at least a few minutes .

Green light at 5 AM here in Montreal

Sighting location: latitude: 45.4942 longitude: -73.6334

Submitted by: arnold


I was about to go home when I saw this green light here in Montreal. It was obscured by the rain clouds but nevertheless its glow was still very visible.

Aurora Grasslands National Park

Sighting location: latitude: 49.0876 longitude: -107.3633

Submitted by: ValleyFlowers


Aurora watched 12:50-3:00am on live streaming webcam


Sighting location: latitude: 53.5788 longitude: -113.1503

Submitted by: John G


Green and orange from horizon to overhead at times, lots of movement.

Green Aurora

Sighting location: latitude: 46.9517 longitude: -71.3599

Submitted by:


Visible close from the city.


Sighting location: latitude: 46.4423 longitude: -95.1312

Submitted by: Matthew



Over Lake Bemidji, Minnesota

Sighting location: latitude: 47.5188 longitude: -94.8171

Submitted by: Robie Rock


Happened to wake up at 3:30 a.m. and look outside after reading a relative’s FaceBook post about “the pretty Northern Lights.”
So, I hopped in my car with my gear and tried a couple of locations with less light than where I live.