Aurora Sightings

The sky lit up at Kp 6.5

Sighting location: latitude: 47.798 longitude: -117.2823

Submitted by: Michael


Beautiful glow from the Aurora tonight. Clearly defined streaks and beams shooting up into the sky. Pinks, greens, blues. Waves of Aurora clouds as well. A Very good sighting for this region.

Weak but noticeable

Sighting location: latitude: 47.4831 longitude: -111.3513

Submitted by: Timothy D’Amour


Observed from Great Falls Air Traffic Control Tower at 2:20 AM

6.66 KP storm viewable from Northern WA

Sighting location: latitude: 48.8078 longitude: -122.0333

Submitted by: Jack


Can just barely see the difference in the clouds. I wish it’d get a little worse right now. :D

Aurora from northwest to southeast sky

Sighting location: latitude: 48.838 longitude: -122.5297

Submitted by: Bruce Duim


11:15 pm From northwest to southeast sky


Sighting location: latitude: 45.1815 longitude: -93.8334

Submitted by: Jen


I Couldn’t get a good picture, but it was green and not very bright. Still cool to see!


Sighting location: latitude: 44.9801 longitude: -93.4829

Submitted by: Krista Vangen


Green Aurora observed at aprox. 12:45 a.m. CDT

Faint aurora

Sighting location: latitude: 47.3156 longitude: -119.5572

Submitted by: Mark Sieverkropp


Faint aurora at 10:30p local time

Aurora spotted

Sighting location: latitude: 51.2759 longitude: -80.6361

Submitted by: Steve Apolone


Moosonee, ON. ranging from dim to bright, hints of purple.

Tulita, NT

Sighting location: latitude: 64.9001 longitude: -125.5592

Submitted by: Scott Takala


Green streak from one end of the sky to the other. A bit faint with the moon out but should intensify

Auroras seen from Ottawa

Sighting location: latitude: 45.1276 longitude: -75.0931

Submitted by: VOID