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Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Notification

Using data taken from our Aurora Forecast page, we can now send you a text message when the aurora level is predicted to reach level kp4+!

This service is available to both USA and Canada residents. The service is intended for latitudes lower than Alaska/Northern Canada that don’t get auroras as often. So it will send out text alerts when geomagnetic activity reaches these levels:

kp4, kp5, kp6, kp7, kp8, kp9

As such, it is especially useful to people in Southern Canada and Northern USA. Obviously the further north you are, the more useful it will be. But even if you live in mid latitude USA it does occasionally reach Kp8/Kp9 levels a couple of times per decade. So if you don’t want to miss them, our alerts are ideal.

How much does it cost?

You do not pay for a single text message!

We send you an unlimited amount of text messages totally free of charge. If the aurora is very active and we end up sending you 50 text messages, you do not pay for a single one of them.

All you pay is a small subscription fee (just $4.99 USD per month!) and you will start receiving your text messages as soon as the aurora is active (kp4 and up).

There is no minimum subscription (you can cancel it at any time using the unsubscribe button below), there are no hidden charges and you are NOT charged for receiving texts from us (unless your carrier charges you to receive texts..). You pay $4.99 a month and that’s it, you get unlimited amount of text alerts until you cancel the service.

How does it work?

The Aurora data comes from a satellite in space which is constantly monitoring the solar wind. It intercepts and measures the solar wind typically around 1 hour before it reaches Earth, it then sends this data to earth in a high speed link. This data is then transmitted to your cell phone automatically and more importantly; instantly. The same data we use to text you is used by many of the worlds top science institutions. It is the most reliable and accurate aurora prediction data available in the world today.

When the solar wind readings are strong, kp4 and above, we will send you an SMS alert, with the exact KP number predicted, eg KP4.33. If you are not sure what Kp numbers mean, read this page. Also, if it is predicted to be Kp4, but the solar wind is getting stronger and in 15 minutes it becomes kp5 strength, we will send you another alert telling you this, same if it goes up to kp6, kp7, kp8 and kp9. You will get an alert each time it rises.

The alert you receive looks like this:
Northern Lights Alert

Our alert service is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How to subscribe

Simply enter your mobile/cell phone number below and click subscribe.

We accept any currency, it does not matter if it’s US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Mexican Pesos, etc. Your currency will be converted automatically to USD.

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Mobile/Cell Phone number:
kp4 : $4.99 /month
kp5 : $3.99 /month
kp6 : $2.99 /month
kp7 : $1.99 /month
kp8+ : $0.99 /month

Unsubscribe to the alert service here: