28th October

Tonight’s estimated aurora level:

Level 5 – G1 Minor Solar Storm

Auroral activity will be at G1 Storm levels! Weather permitting, aurora displays will be visible overhead or on the horizon in Oslo (Norway), Turku (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Thurso (Scotland).

The geomagnetic field is expected to be at predominately quiet to unsettled levels early on day one (28 Oct) changing to unsettled to active conditions with isolated minor storm intervals (NOAA Scale G1-Minor) when the ejecta from the 24 October M9 flare and 25 October X-class events arrive.

Quiet to active conditions are expected with a chance for isolated minor storm periods on day two (29 Oct) with the arrival of the CME associated with the M3/Sf flare observed on 26 Oct.

Conditions on day three (30 Oct) are expected to return to mostly quiet levels, however there is a chance for passage of ejecta from today’s X1 event. Consequently, the disturbed conditions may extend into day three.

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