16th November

The solar wind began the period at nominal levels. By 15/1915 UTC,
total field increased to 10 nT followed by the Bz component increasing
southward to -8 nT. The Bz component remained southward for a prolonged
period until 16/0143 UTC. By approximately 16/0400 UTC, solar wind
speed began to slowly increase along with temperature indicative of the
onset of a negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS).
Total field ranged from 1 nT to 12 nT with the Bz component between +12
nT and -10 nT. Solar wind speed increased to end of period values near
480 km/s. Phi angle was mostly negative (towards) with minor deviations
into a positive (away) sector before 16/0142 UTC and became fairly
steady in a negative sector for the remainder of the period.

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